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About Us

trend:notes is your #1 online wholesale fashion source, complete with style forecasting for best sellers. Clothing boutique owners, shop keepers, and wholesale buyers can order from us with full confidence that they're snagging trendy, of-the-moment pieces that their customers will love.

Once you get to know our business model and our fashion philosophy, you won't go anywhere else to re-up your inventory and stack your stock with stunning apparel. Use your company name to subscribe to us for free.

You'll instantly have access to our wholesale prices, along with a $10 discount off your first order when you sign up for a newsletter subscription! Discover why trend:notes is an unbeatable distributor.

At trend:notes, we set ourselves apart as a competitive buying source. We have the muscle to back it up, too. Thanks to close relationships with more than 100 vendors in the LA Fashion District, our fashion forecasters know what's coming down the catwalk before it ever hits the racks. We set the trends that appear in shops and on the street. Every day, we snag fresh fads and of-the-moment styles.

Through our distribution channel, which reaches over 34,000 retail customers, we pass the fashion onto you. A subscription to trend:notes opens up access to regional trend readings that reveal what's hot in your area. We offer our wholesalers bi-weekly updates detailing the bestselling merchandise, color palettes, and styles that apply to their location.

Your customers will love the variety and versatility of your inventory, ensuring that they return to your store every time they need a new ensemble. That customer loyalty helps us to offer competitive prices to wholesale buyers and shop owners, especially when combined with our buying power and economy of sale in the Fashion District.

The value that trend:notes can bring to your shop is priceless, whether you have a brick-and-mortar clothing store or an online boutique. We have everything you need to inspire the aesthetic of your store. In-house photo shoots allow you to envision each outfit and separate item on display at your shop. Our editors select every photo with an eye toward showcasing the clothing and accessories. We then curate our editorial shots to highlight a fresh new trend or a seasonal theme.

As you shop for apparel to add to your inventory, you can browse our lookbooks for inspiration. Stage your own photo shoot to show off what you buy before debuting your stylish selection. Put together mannequin displays for brick-and-mortar locations. We'll show you how.

After you place your order, you can take advantage of same or second-day shipping to get your stock fast. Because we have a sterling customer service team and return policy, you can offer the same benefits to your clientele. Wholesale buyers who purchase clothing from trend:notes also have their own inventory system, complete with TBO andWABC, which helps with cross and up-selling.

To be a successful shop owner, you need a distributor who understands the future of fashion. Our style forecasters are fortune tellers when it comes to what's trendy.

As an Irvine, California based fashion wholesaler, we’re firmly entrenched in our community. We’ve donated thousands of dollars worth of clothing to those in need, and plan to continue to do so.

These donations, sometimes in excess of a thousand or more pieces of luxury clothing, are meant to help build up the community, and keep us close to them. Donations of clothing can restore a sense of security to people whose lives have been disrupted, whether by catastrophe or misfortune. It’s our way of anchoring ourselves to a community that has given us, as a business, so much.

As a wholesale boutique clothing vendor, we handle a large inventory, and regularly find ourselves in the position to make large donations quickly. In fact, a recent donation totaled 12 boxes of new clothes. A donation of this size can help hundreds of families. This substantial donation, to the victims of wildfires in California, certainly won’t be our last.

We donate to those in need out of a belief in the value of living together, growing together, supporting one another, and helping each other to create a better society. We also hope to motivate others to reach out to those in need, with their own contributions. Community service is the adhesive that holds society together.

trend:notes is an Irvine-based fashion wholesaler specializing in trendy womenswear, accessories, and children’s clothing since 2010. Their core business goals are quality control, inventory management, and customer service.